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Specialized Repair for Luxury Home Appliances in Phoenix AZ

At Phoenix AZ We offer fast, reliable repairs for high-end appliances.

When in search of top-notch appliance repair services such as freezer repair near me, oven repair near me, microwave repair near me, ice maker repair near me, dishwasher service near me, cooktop repair near me, or hood repair near me, for all types of Luxury brands such as Sub Zero Appliances Repair, Wolf Appliances Repair, KitchenAid Appliances Repair, Viking Appliances Repair, Kenmore Appliances Repair, Monoram Appliances Repair, Gaggenau Appliances Repair, Dacor Appliances Repair or any other brand Appliance Repair in Phoenix Az or nearby. Lux Appliance Care is the premier choice in Phoenix, AZ, and its surrounding areas. Our dedicated team of professionals is well-equipped to handle high-end home appliances with precision and expertise. We understand the importance of these appliances and are committed to ensuring they operate flawlessly. Trust Lux Appliance Care for all your luxury appliance repair needs, and experience the difference in service excellence that sets us apart.

Our team of trained and certified technicians will bring their extensive knowledge and meticulous approach directly to your home. Each service is carefully customized to meet the meticulous standards required by these esteemed brands, guaranteeing optimal performance of your home appliances. For unmatched quality and service in the luxury home appliance repair field in Phoenix, AZ, choose Lux Appliance Care.

Dedicated to maintaining high quality standards and unparalleled precision, we bring unrivaled expertise to your doorstep, ensuring your high-end appliances operate at optimal efficiency. Be it intricate refrigeration repair or complex cooking appliance maintenance in and around Phoenix, AZ, you can rely on Lux Appliance Care as your dependable partner for all your luxury appliance repair needs.


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Lux Appliance Care is a distinguished name in Phoenix, AZ, specializing in an exclusive array of high-end appliance brands. Our curated selection features industry stalwarts such as Thermador’s groundbreaking ovens and cooktops, Sub Zero’s cutting-edge refrigeration systems, and Monogram’s superior cooking and refrigeration ranges. We also provide exceptional services for Viking’s robust kitchen appliances, Kenmore’s trustworthy household items, KitchenAid’s multi-functional kitchenware, Gaggenau’s trendsetting appliances, Dacor’s modern cooking ranges, and Wolf’s premier cooking equipment. Rest assured, our team of certified technicians come with years of experience and rigorous training tailored to meet the specialized requirements of each luxury brand. At Lux Appliance Care, our commitment transcends beyond providing expert repair and maintenance services. We strive to epitomize skill, quality, and customer satisfaction in every interaction, ensuring your luxurious appliances continue to serve you with the elegance and functionality they were designed for. Experience the Lux Appliance Care difference and let us take care of your prestigious appliances with unparalleled service.

Why Choose Lux Appliance Care For Luxury Brands Appliances Repair in Phoenix AZ ?

At Lux Appliance Care, our mission is to offer unrivaled expertise and quality in luxury appliance repair services. Here’s why we are Phoenix AZ’s most trusted choice for servicing your high-end appliances:

Field Trained: Our technicians undergo rigorous training specific to each luxury brand we service, such as Thermador, Sub Zero, Monogram, Viking, and more.

Precision & Care: We use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and offer tailored repair solutions that meet the exacting standards of your luxury appliances.

Quality Assurance: We are committed to quality, offering warranties on parts and labor to ensure your peace of mind.

Prompt & Professional Service: With a focus on customer satisfaction, we provide timely and efficient service without compromising on the quality of our repairs.

Genuine Parts: For long-lasting repairs, we utilize genuine spare parts that are directly sourced from the brand manufacturers.

Extensive Coverage: Our services extend across the full range of high-end appliances, from refrigeration and cooking appliances to washers and dryers.

Local Presence: As a Phoenix AZ based service provider, we understand the local landscape, enabling faster response times and personalized customer service.

Choose Lux Appliance Care for a repair experience that matches the premium quality of your luxury appliances. We are the definitive solution for luxury appliance repair in Phoenix AZ, AZ.

Phoenix AZ’s Pro Repair Service Provider – Lux Appliance Care  

Battling faulty appliances is undoubtedly a frustrating experience, disrupting the smooth flow of your daily activities. In such instances, the need for a trustworthy, proficient, and swift appliance repair service is paramount. Enter Lux Appliance Care – the perfect solution for these woes in the Phoenix AZ area! With a legacy spanning several years in the industry, Lux Appliance Care has garnered a reputable track record. We bring over a decade’s worth of experience specializing in the repair of premium appliances across numerous acclaimed brands, including Viking Appliances, Sub Zero, Thermado, Dacor, and Wolf, amongst others. Our years of rigorous hands-on experience have equipped us with the expertise and wisdom requisite for decisive and quality service in the field. This extensive experience ensures enhanced efficiency and accuracy, enabling us to unabatedly deliver our best.

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Our esteemed team is composed of rigorously trained and highly qualified professionals, boasting an impeccable track record in swiftly diagnosing issues and delivering effective solutions. Each team member is equipped with a profound understanding of the delicate nuances involved in diagnosing, repairing, or maintaining to provide a comprehensive solution. We strive to ensure that our response and resolution times are impressively swift, making us reliable for time-critical scenarios. Moreover, our methodologies and interventions strictly align with international standards; we are unyielding in our commitment to providing services that not only meet but exceed quality and safety benchmarks. We believe that such globally accepted norms translate into unparalleled service for our customers, fostering a sense of trust and credibility towards our company. In essence, our team represents a marriage of top-tier professionalism and cutting-edge solutions, functional solely to take customer satisfaction to new heights.

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